Plein Air Grand Marais (MN) 2020

Plein Air Grand Marais (MN) is something that artists look forward to all year. Grand Marais offers endless plein air possibilities and it did not disappoint! Last year, the weather was cool and rainy. Fortunately, things were much brighter (and warmer) this year. Although things were different due to Covid and social distancing guidelines, it was a great time and I accomplished a lot. Below are my paintings from the event.

All is Clear painted at 2020 Plein Air Grand Marais
It really does not get better than this! A nice clear day like this allowed for some time to study clouds and distance. You may notice there are some bugs in the paint. As the sun went down, they really wanted to be part of the painting.
Beautiful afternoon on the rocks at at Plein Air Grand Marais 2020
This is the largest painting that I was able to complete during the event. 16” X 12” with some complex rock texture and a warm sky reflected in the water. It was a beautiful afternoon and this I feel was my most successful painting.
Before the Storm painted at 2020 Plein Air Grand Marais
“Before the Storm” shows the contrast between light and dark in the sky. It looked like a pretty serious storm was on the horizon, but it ended up moving in a different direction. It did force me to paint fast, which allowed for more sightseeing.
Painting at Artist Point in Grand Marais, MN
It wouldn't be a Grand Marais adventure without spending some time around Artists Point. Some of the best painting happens there. With some many different colors and textures, it’s always a fun challenge. The sun did come out, right after I finished painting.
Painting a nocturne in Grand Marais, MN
I’m new to the world of nocturnes and really enjoyed this new experience. It did get chilly after dark!

Due to Covid, the exhibit and sales are available online and by appointment only in the JHP Art Gallery. Be sure to see many more paintings from Plein Air Grand Marais.